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Our Cozy Bedroom Reveal

At last, we finally got around to renovating our bedroom in all of its glory - equipped with a fully functional door and far less pet fur may I add!

Now, let's be honest , the space is totally putting off some nostalgic cottagey vibes, and we couldn't be comfier- I mean happier with the end design. I mean, can we all just take a second to appreciate that throw pillow game ?

Over the years, I have dabbled in so many different design styles- always looking to Pinterest to see what everyone else was doing and keeping up with the latest trends. Though through it all, I always seem to gravitate back to my love for old world beauty expressed through new world design principles. Basically, a perfect blend of vintage contemporary with a minimalistic flair, because your girl has anxiety, and frankly needs that non boring simplicity in her life.

Now here's the straight facts: Josh is fed up with me making holes in his new drywall for all of my everchanging decor. Lucky for him I'm a Libra , meaning I'm a born diplomat with a gift for compromise. Having said that, it's also a given that I will never not redecorate and push the furniture around. Sorry my dude ! This is where the beautifully practical shelf wall comes in handy.

It works as an accent wall, a shelf for my art and decor and pretty much eliminates the need for a headboard- I'd say it looks inviting enough as is! It also worked out great for easy install of our hardwired scone lights next to the bed. I have a weird pet peeve of messy- actually just visible wires in general - sue me.

I wanted all of the color and warmth to come from the core of the room. This was to create an illusion of a more expansive space. Now don't get me wrong , I love little houses . LESS TO CLEAN, but I want it to look fancy so you make it work (with budget in mind of course.) Did I mention, those custom looking builds are actually just IKEA pax wardrobes with some fancy hardware? No need to break the bank.

Last, we slapped a gorgeous matching rug in to tie the space together and styled it with all of our op shop treasures and dried wedding flowers-

Just like that , we will forever be hitting the snooze button , the rest is history !

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