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3 Year IKEA Havesen Sink Review

It's been a solid 3 and a half years since we renovated our wee little bungalow kitchen and figured this would a great time to share a quick & honest review of our IKEA Havesen sink .

If you're anything like me , you probably find yourself drooling over ALL of the beautiful French cottage inspired kitchens - scrolling through Pinterest and onward into the abyss .

It's no secret that apron front sinks are a thing of beauty and bring an effortless elegance into any space. Its also no secret that many of the sinks out there come with a pretty hefty price tag, and I for one do not have a limitless budget now, nor did we as newly weds when we first started our house renovations. For obvious reasons, the Havesen sink rolling in at 399 plus tax Canadian seemed like a pretty fair price considering how easy it is on the eyes.

Lets start with the basin design - we have the double basin model and would definitely recommend installing a faucet with a sprayer hose if you do not have one already . The bowls are wide and deep which is great but is much easier to wash with an adjustable faucet . Having said this , I absolutely love how the inner bottom wall is angled for easy water drainage.

Unlike the previous model DOMSJO sink, which was discontinued because of issues cracking , the Havesen model has mended this design flaw by getting rid of the upper soap holder rack, where a hole would have originally been drilled for the faucet. Instead , it features a clean cut design where the faucet is installed directly into the counter. Personally, I love the newer model for its practicality- cleaning is a breeze with no nooks and crannys to get into.

One concern all my friends and family had when we were originally thinking of getting this sink , was chipping and scratching . I can honestly say that this sink is durable as they come! Just for reference, we do not have a dishwasher , so literally everything is done in this baby ! Not gonna lie, I use it for my plant potting , paintbrush washing - cat bathing - needless to say, it gets a lot of use. Although over the past few years , there have been a few very tiny light gray scratches , they easily buff out with a bit of Bar keepers friend (a must have!). In my experience ,I actually find that the regular steel sinks show dings and scratches much easier -not to mention water stains! The only place I have to scrub sometimes is the small ring around the drainage hole- pretty not bad if you ask me.

So there it is - my quick review of our Havesen sink . I adore it as much as the day we installed it! If you were looking for permission to give your kitchen a little pick me up , let this be it :)


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Jeremy Aubut
Jeremy Aubut
May 26, 2023

Your full of shit these sinks break constantly they are too thin on the bottom mine lasted 6 months, my sisters lasted 8 months and it was full of scratches. Unfortunately stuck with it because I'm not replacing a 2500$ quartz counter that was cut for this mistake of a sink. Do not buy this.

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